Three Warning Signs Your Car Alternator Could Be Bad

A significant amount of electricity is required to start your car and power various electrical components, such as the headlights, stereo, air conditioning system and more. While your car battery stores the energy to power the various electrical components, the alternator works to recharge it. This ensures there is sufficient power to enable consistent electric functions. Over time, however, your alternator is likely to act up as a result of normal wear and age-related issues.

5 Land Rover Handling Tips for Snowy or Icy Conditions

Land Rovers are designed to tackle tough conditions, but you still need to handle them with care to prevent accidents on icy or snowy roads. Here are several tips that can help you to drive safely this winter. 1. Use Differential Lock Land Rovers have a useful feature called differential lock or diff lock. When activated, diff lock forces the front and rear wheels to turn at the same speed, which means that either set of wheels can drive the vehicle forward.

Having a Better Understanding of Logbook Servicing

To understand logbook servicing, you need to know how it differs from regular auto servicing. In the case of logbook servicing, vehicle manufacturers usually set certain specifications for how your car should be serviced. These can be found in your vehicle logbook and should be followed as they are highlighted. They may include inspection and replacement of various fluids and components, usually done after driving for particular kilometres or after a certain number of days.

How to Service Your Trailer

Do you take your trailer for granted? If so, you may realise that you need to service your car or truck as there are so many different mechanical, electrical and electronic parts that can go wrong. A well-made trailer will certainly stand you in good stead for many years of use, but if you don't pay reasonable attention to its condition, then it may also leave you stranded by the side of the road.

Check Out These Top Signs of a Failing Truck Engine

Truck repair costs can run into several thousands of dollars if early signs of trouble are ignored. Truck owners and operators alike can reduce the need for costly repairs by taking corrective action immediately they notice these signs.  Engine repair is one of the most common types of truck repairs. If your truck's engine breaks down, your vehicle will need to be towed to a mechanic shop for repair service. This can considerably add to the cost of getting the vehicle back to good working shape.